Steel Escape Stairs

Site managers cabin steps can be coated with our antislip products, whether they are galvanised or painted. We offer a full step service in a black or grey to the tread and the front edge with yellow antislip - this process costs around £300 for a standard 14 tread staircase. 

Alternatively, we just coat the front edge in a yellow antislip from £180 for a standard staircase.

Snagworks Ltd Antislip Services throughout the North West, Cheshire, Lancashire, North Wales, Yorkshire.....

Snagworks Repair Chips, Scratches & Dents to Any Surface

Antislip and Slip Prevention


If you run a hotel, guest house, B&B, care home or residential home, it is important to reduce the likelihood of slips which could cause injuries by ensuring that your bath, shower trays, and tiled floors are treated with antislip products.

It is important that the chosen solution is fit for purpose and is designed to meet the specific demands of the surface and the environment where it will be installed.
Medical costs, insurance claims and litigation are best avoided. Don't compromise with peoples safety.
Over a third of all major accidents reported each year are as a result of a slip or a trip.

Slips and trips account for over half of all reported accidents to members of the public.

The cost to the UK is over £512m per annum.

For details on the current legislation, please follow this link in reference to the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974, (The Law);  The Management of Health and Safety at work 1999; The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations 1992; Case Law; British and European Standards; BS7976; DIN51130; DIN51097; EN13845; EN13287.

Antislip Solutions

Antislip for baths and shower trays and tiled floors.
Working predominantly in the hotel and retirement home sector, we off a range of antislip solutions for porcelain and ceramic tiles, porcelain shower trays, acrylic baths and shower trays, steel and cast iron baths with enamel paint finishes.
Snagworks Lts Antislip Service offer two solutions for both hard surfaces and soft surfaces.

Hard Surface Antislip Solution

Using a product developed by NASA, the hard surface antislip is a completely invisible coating that adheres microscopically to the hard surface, such as porcelain, ceramic and enamel paint.
When the product is wetted, the coating expands to provide an invisible antislip surface.
The process involves specialist cleaning to remove any grease or ingrained soiling to the microscopic pores of the hard surface, followed by application of the antislip coating.

Soft Surface Antislip Solution

Using specialist coatings designed to withstand a large degree of flexibility without cracking, our soft surface antislip solution is applied by spray or roller over a dot template, and can be applied to plasticand acrylic baths and shower trays.
The surface is primed, and a flexible paint containing minute particles of white EPDM powder and sealed with a glossifier to prolong the life of the coating and give a shiny finish.

Please contact our office for current prices – 0844 800 5508   
We work in the following environments:

  •     kitchens and restaurants
  •     production areas
  •     public entrances and receptions
  •     schools
  •     shopping centres and retail
  •     shower changing rooms, toilets
  •     swimming pools and leisure centres
  •     retirement homes, nursing homes
  •     baths and shower trays
  •     tiled floors
  •     private

Antislip solutions for any surface:

  •     concrete and stone
  •     marble and granite
  •     metal and chequer plate
  •     tarmac and asphalt
  •     tiles - quarry, ceramic, porcelain
  •     terrazzo
  •     vinyl
  •     wood
  •     decking