Bath and Shower Tray Repairs

Acrylic Bath Repairs

Snagworks Ltd  bath repair service can repair damage to any type of bath.

Light damage to acrylic baths can be polished out and the repair will be perfectly invisible. Where the damage has penetrated the structural mesh, a fill and localised respray is required. Sometimes we are able to fill deep chips in baths with a colour matched polishable filler which is generally acceptable for small chips, however if the chip is large we usually carry out a localised respray using colour-matched paints. 

Cracks to the front lip of the bath and internal cracks can be repaired with a structural repair to the reverse of the bath, followed by cutting out the crack externally to carry out a gel repair.

Polishing lighter damage is a relatively quick and easy process, but a fill and respray of gel coat could take around 1 hour, and a full structural repair and gel coat repair could take 2 hours or more depending upon the extent of damage.

Shower Tray Repairs

The gel coat finish to most shower trays is particularly soft and quite thin in comparison to a bath. This means that not only is a shower tray easily damaged, they cannot be flatted and polished like a bath. In addition, a shower tray is generally installed early on in the build, where the chance of damage is greater.

We have extensive experience in repairing all types of shower tray including acrylic, resin and porcelain bath repairs, and the damage we repair ranges from reploishing, to chips, scratches and gouges to structural cracking.

In most instances we will attempt to fill any chips with a colour-matched polishable filler of similar strength and hardness to the shower tray.

In the worst cases, we may have to carry out plastic welding repairs and have to respray either locally or carry out a full respray for the most extensive damage which can be quite time consuming.

Cheaper to Repair than Replace

To replace the shower tray would involve multiple trades including tiler, plumber, painter and mastic man, so we are generally the cheapest option as it is usually cheaper to repair than to replace.

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Snagworks Ltd have more than 10 years experience repairing baths and shower trays in the North West, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Chester, North Wales, Yorkshire, and Cheshire.

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