Snagworks Repair Chips, Scratches & Dents to Any Surface

Snagworks Terms & Conditions

Snagworks Terms and Conditions of Engagement

1.0 Site Work

January 2019

We hereby set out our terms and conditions for our repair and snag and repair service. 

  1. ​Technicians can be booked up to  2, 4 and 8hr time slots. Where time on site exceeds the allotted time by 10 minutes, the next time slot is charged. If the 4hr charge is exceeded, then a 6hr charge is applicable (but we do not offer a 6hr booking). Where 6hrs is exceeded the 8hr is charged.
  2. Where a technician works for a single company, but travels to different sites on the same day an invoice will be written for each site. Where multiple technicians are requested to attend, each technician will write out an invoice separately.
  3. The 2hr charge is an emergency call out for up to 3 repairs. If additional repairs are completed the 4hr time slot is charged.
    All reasonable materials are included in our hourly rates.
  4. Where RAL/BS colours are required, or where the cost of materials exceed 15% of the cost of the invoice, there will be an additional charge to cover the cost of materials.
  5. When work on site exceeds 8 hrs, additional hours are charged at £day rate/8 x number of hours on site.
  6. Parking charges and toll charges will be added to the invoice at cost.
  7. VAT is charged at current rate where applicable.
  8. Removal of scratched to glass and granite are a stand alone service and are charged separately to our standard rates.
  9. Subcontractor trades are invoiced at their rates plus our management fee. 
  10. Site managers are required to book our services based on an average standard repair taking 40 minutes. We therefore can reasonably expect to achieve a maximum of 3 standard repairs during a 2hr visit, 6 repairs in 4hrs and 12 repairs in 8hrs. If technicians carry out more than the maximum number of repairs for the alloted slot, then the next time charge will become applicable. 
  11. Where technician travel over 30 miles to visit a site, our minimum charge is 4 hours.
  12. We require our technicians to be presented with a list of all works to be carried out during the time slot allotted at the beginning of the visit, and that the list of works can be reasonably achieved in that time.
  13. We require site managers to organise access to plots at the appropriate time.
  14. Where technicians exceed the allotted time by more than 10 minutes, the next time slot becomes chargeable.
  15. Additional lists may not be accepted once 50% of the allotted time has expired, at the discretion of the technician. Requesting a technician to carry out essential or emergency work at the end of their allotted time slot will generally constitute a further visit, though decisions are at the discretion of the technician and are dependant upon their diary commitments.
  16. Cancellation within 24hrs will be charged in full. If the site manager has failed to organise access, or the works cannot be completed through no fault of our own, and the technician is on site, the booking will be charged.
  17. If the customer is out, or will not allow access at the designated time, the works may not be completed, our standard charge is applicable. If the customer forgets about an appointment that has been made, the minimum 2hr charge is applicable.
  18. In order to carry out our work in a diligent manner, we expect that the property has been cleaned, and we have access to power and water.
  19. To carry out work that requires power, and no power is available, we require the site manager to give 48hrs notice in order to secure a generator.
  20. Due to the nature of our work, it is essential that we are allowed to park our vehicles adjacent to the property where the work is to be undertaken.
  21. Materials associated with Multi-Trade defect resolution works will be added to the invoice at cost + 10%.
  22. Where technicians/office staff are required to pick up materials to complete 'Aftercare' works, the time is added to the invoice.
  23. Where we are reliant on the main contractor to supply materials and they fail to do so, or the materials are incorrect, out time is chargeable.
  24. Payment terms are strictly 30 days.
  25. Overdue accounts are subject to a service charge of 1% per calendar month.
  26. All invoices exceeding our 30 day terms are subject to an 8% interest charge per month  + the Bank of England base rate.
  27. All late invoices are subject to a late payment fee of £40 per invoice from £1-£999, £70 from £1000-£9,999 and £100 over £10,000.
  28. All administrative costs associated the case, the preparation of legal cases and time associated with attending court to be charged at Directors hourly rate of £85 per hour. (correct Jan 2017).