Another 'invisible' window repair from Snagworks professional window repair technicians.

It is often far cheaper to repair a window, such as with the example in the photos above, than it is to replace it.

If you have any windows that need repairing please call 0844 800 5508 for a free quote. We are based in the North West, and have window repair technicians covering the North West, North Wales, Yorkshire, Cheshire, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Chester.

Window Repair Services

Since 2003 we have been repairing windows and consulting on window repairs across the North East, North West, North Wales and the Midlands. As with many of the other products that we repair, the cost of our window repairs are often far lower than the cost of replacement windows and window fittings. We repair not only common window issues, but many specialist window chips, burns, cracks and stains.

Our window repair services include:

  • Pull through marks
  • Stanley blade cuts
  • Chips
  • Cigarette burns
  • Stains
  • Repairing cracks
  • Scratches to window handles

Repairing Pull through marks, scuffs, and light cuts

Pull through marks generally occur when the home is first constructed. Workmen will

‘pull-through’ items that are too long to fit in the stairwell, such as skirting boards. These items will cause damage to the uPVC frame. The damage caused by pull-through can range from a minor scuff to a deep gouge.

Stanley Blade Cuts - uPVC Window Frame Repairs

We regularly are asked to repair uPVC frames where someone has carelessly removed the plastic film protection after installation, slipped with the knife and cut the frame. Light cuts can be ground out and repolished, whereas deeper cuts may require filling and spraying to match.

Cigarette Burn Repairs

There are several techniques for repairing cigarette burns on windows. Light burns can be sanded out and polished. Where the cigarette damage is more extensive, it is
possible to cut the affected area out with a Dremmel and fill with plastic filler in sections to replicate the profile of the frame. The window is then primed and sprayed as above to complete the repair.

Window stain removal

Staining can be removed with a cutting compound and a damp rag. More ingrained staining may require light sanding prior to finishing with the cutting compound. If
large areas need to be polished, it is quicker to use the polisher with foam head attachment.

Cracks / Window Crack Repairs

When we fix window cracks we increase the width of the crack so we can apply more filler. We fill the crack with a structural plastic resin, colour-matched to the colour of the frame, we then grind it down and spray and fade the repair further with special plastic paints if required.

Repairing Scratches to window handles

Light scratches within the paint layers may be flatted and polished with the cutting
compound. Deeper scratches to window handles will require sanding, masking, priming and spraying.

Repairing chips to window handles

For repairs to window handles with lighter chips, sanding and spraying as above may suffice. For deep chips, we fill with colour matched polyester resin, sand to profile, mask, and finally prime and spray.


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