Snagworks Repair Chips, Scratches & Dents to Any Surface

'The delivery truck was too high for the underpass and caused extensive damage to the stone head. Snagworks sorted it out.'

Mrs. B. Short

Stone Repairs to Artificial and Natural Stone 

Stonework repairs and detailing includes Sills, Heads, Mullions, Porches, Strings, Corbels and Quoins. Artificial Stone is easily damaged, but we can make it look brand new, so you don't have to replace it. Call 0844 800 5508 today for a free stone work repair quote.

Snagworks Ltd Stone repair to any damaged stonework

Artificial stone products are predominantly used in new build residential as the cost of natural stone products are prohibitive.

Artificial stonework is a mixture of sand, cement, white cement and pigment and the stone products are notoriously fragile, and when delivered green, they are susceptible to extensive damage.

Further damage occurs in storage and fixing, then more damage occurs due to falling bricks or the scaffolding tubes hitting the stone. Inevitably, heavy damage is easily achieved, but replacement at the end of the build is not practical.

Snagworks Ltd stone repair service offers a range of processes from localised colour matched fillers, localised fill and  small area blending to full recoating with a textured finish to give the appearance of unblemished stone. All colours of stone can be repaired, from smooth to heavily textured, from new-look stonework to weathered and historic stone.

Stone repair services carried out in Manchester Liverpool Chester Bolton, Preston, Chester, Wrexham, Lancashire, North Wales, and across the North West.

Stone Repair Services

 We repair chips,cracks and remove staining to both artificial and natural stonework, plus a wide range of other stone work repairs including:- 

  • Artificial Stone - cracks, chips, damaged arises, staining - Artstone
  • Carved Stone - replace missing elements of carved stone detailing
  • Coating of Stained/Damaged Stone - stone will look 'new' and stonework is protected
  • Concrete Tiles - we can repair all types of roof tile, tile hanging, quarry tile
  • Concrete Repairs - delaminating concrete, cracks and chips
  • Driveways - damaged tarmac repairs, painting of stains 
  • Fireplaces - chips and cracks to any stone fireplace, staining
  • Flooring - stone floor repairs, cracks, chips, sealing 
  • Graffiti Removal - environmentally friendly and stone friendly cleaning
  • Kerb Stones - repair damaged kerb stones rather than replacement
  • Localised Repairs - where damage is minor, this technique is quicker than coating
  •  Mortar Tinting - poorly matched mortar can be made both darker and lighter
  • Natural Stone - stainless steel pinning for large repairs to minor chips  
  • Sinks - we repair cracks and chips to sinks, troughs   
  • Slate - colouring, repairs to chips   
  • Statues - repair damage to statues  
  • Stone Tiles - wide range of stone tile repair services


If the stone repair you need isn't listed above, then please don't hesitate to call us to see if we can still help you.

For a free quote, or to discuss your stone repair requirements please call us today on 0844 800 5508 or Email us at