Snagworks Repair Chips, Scratches & Dents to Any Surface

'I couldn't believe it! I dropped a pan and it chipped a tile and we have underfloor heating. The repair was invisible and took only 30 minutes to complete. Brilliant!'

‚ÄčMrs. S .Jones  - Flintshire

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Snagworks Ltd ceramic tile repair service - Professional tile repairs throughout the North West, North Wales, Cheshire, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Preston, Bolton, Chester, Wrexham and across the North East.....

Ceramic Tile Repair Service

Whilst tiles are hard, they are also brittle and are easily cracked and chipped. It is sometimes difficult to replace damaged tiles as they may have gone out of manufacture or are a different batch number.

Even when a tile match is found, the removal of a tile may cause the damage of surrounding tiles, or could mean the removal of fitted furniture around the tile is required. This is why you should contact a professional tile repair company like Snagworks Ltd.

Whilst it is sometimes difficult to repair tiles successfully, as with such a hard surface it is difficult to get anything to adhere properly, we have had much success by developing our own tile repair techniques.

Generally, with high gloss tiles the darker the colour or the plainer the pattern are the most difficult tiles to repair. 

Where tiles are cracked and the adjacent surfaces are not flush, it is sometimes possible to feather out the fillers or to skim the lower section.

Snagworks Ltd ceramic tile repair system for high quality repairs to chipped and cracked tiles can remove metal marks and staining to the following:

  • Ceramic Tiles repaired
  • Porcelain Tiles repaired
  • Quarry Tiles repaired