Snagworks Repair Chips, Scratches & Dents to Any Surface

Snagworks Ltd professional Veneer Repair Services throughout the North West, Cheshire, Lancashire, North Wales, Yorkshire, Liverpool, Manchester and the North East. Tel 0844 800 5508 for details or to arrange a quote.

'During refurbishment works to our property the contractors removed the doors into storage. When they were reinstalled, each one had been scratched and chipped. Snagworks spent a day repairing all the damage and we were very happy with the standard of repair and it saved the contractor a fortune.'

Mrs. E. Butler-Smith - Cheshire

Veneer Repair Service

Veneer repair services are a cost-effective alternative to replacing damaged veneer surfaces, whether it be doors, windows, architraves, work surfaces, skirting of cladding. Snagworks technicians are highly trained in the repair of natural wood, engineered timber, laminates and veneer.

Internal Doors, Furniture, Kitchen Cupboards & Kitchen Worktops

Veneer on doors and similar items are easily damaged or chipped during installation, whereas veneer floors can be susceptible to chips, dents, split timber and loose knots. We have a vast amount of experience in repairing all types of damage from dents, scratches, stains and peeling veneer, both with and across the grain to an invisible standard, whatever the type of wood or finish, including oak, pine, smooth, textured or highly decorative.

Professional Veneer Floor Repair Service

As well as highly detailed veneer repairs, involving mixing and matching the tone of the existing colours, intricate wood grains and pattern, we can also save you money on the cost of replacing dull looking floors in high traffic areas, repair holes left from the removal of carpet grips and trims, and also flooring that has been stained due to general household accidents including many tough stains. As with our door, furniture, and worktop repairs, the finished floors are matched to the original colour leaving an invisible repair.

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Professional Veneer Repairs to chips, gouges, scratches, dents and peeling veneer to the following items:

  • Furniture
  • Internal Doors
  • Kitchen Cupboards
  • Kitchen Worktops