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Product Protection - Damage Prevention Protectors for any Product

Snagworks Protectors are available for almost any product, including worktops, stainless sinks and hobs, baths, shower trays, basins, toilet pans and cisterns, uPVC window sections,  stone sills, radiators, newel posts, handrails, and flooring......

In order to reduce the damage caused during the building process, Snagworks offer a range of  bespoke protection products for factory items to reduce the risk of damage. Our damage repair experience has enabled us to develop a range of protection products designed specifically to protect the areas of factory items that are damaged the most.
Snagworks Ltd Product Protection Services can produce a range of reusable protectors that can be designed specifically to protect the areas of the product, that in our experience, suffer the most damage. 

The protectors have been designed in such a way that they are able to remain on the products for the duration of the build. For example, our competitors produce a rigid plastic protector for a bath. The tiler generally removes the protector to tile the walls around the bath, and tiles drop into the bath causing damage. The tiler puts the protection back once he has finished the job, and the damage is only found at the end of the build when it is difficult to replace the bath in time for completion. Similar problems occurs with shower trays, worktops, stainless hobs and sinks, kitchen cupboard doors, tiled floors, radiators etc. 
The range of factory items on the market is vast, so it is impossible to produce a 'one size fits all' protector, but producing a bespoke range of products need not be expensive, particularly if you are buying in quantity.

If you commission Snagworks to provide a range of protection products, we would carry out a site visit, to  make templates and design the protectors for the items you require protecting.  Once an order is placed, we can usually deliver the protectors within 10 working days. We store the templates for future orders.

We have a one-off design fee for each factory item that requires a protector, and protectors can be sold individually or in multiples.

As the protectors can be reused many times, the initial outlay is soon recouped in comparison to the cost of replacing the item or employing a damage repair company to carry out an invisible repair.

Our protection products are patent pending. 

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Shower Tray Protection
Shower trays are generally installed during the first fix, and inevitably suffer damage as the build progresses. The shower trays are supplied with a thin film which proves ineffective to most impact damage. Likewise, rigid board protection is easily removed, lost or not replaced. Shower trays are usually damaged by falling tiles or tradesmen standing on sharp debris in the base of the tray. Any rigid protection that has been supplied is generally moved in order that the tiler can tile the shower. Removing a shower tray is a massive undertaking and will generally involve several tradesmen and will cause damage to the adjacent fixtures and fittings.

Bath Protection

Baths are supplied with a thin protective film and are predominantly damaged by tiles falling into the bath, and tradesman working in the bath whilst the bath is full of debris. Tradesmen can also drop their tools into the bath when fitting showers, taps, shower screens etc. As a result there are a number of locations in a bath that are damaged more than others, our bath protectors protect the bath in the most vulnerable areas only saving on protection materials.

Replacing a bath would involve a plumber, tiler, plasterer, painter, and mastic man, not to mention the additional time spent removing the damaged bath and associated damage to adjacent fixtures and fittings, reordering a new bath, taking delivery,  and reinstalling. Preventative steps to minimise the chance of damage in the first place is both cost and time saving.

Worktop Protection

Worktops provide an ideal surface for tradesmen working in the vicinity to place their tools and tool boxes. Dragging of tool boxes across debris filled worktops and sliding sharp or serrated tools cause most damage together with impact damage from falling tools.

The replacement of a damaged worktop could involve a plumber, electrical, joiner, tiler, plasterer, painter and mastic man and a lot of wasted time and effort. In addition, damage may not be identified until the finish clean has taken place, just before the customer takes possession. Preventative steps to minimise the damage in the first place is better than finding a scratch or a chip just before the customer moves in.

We also supply an end protector

Floor Protection

Whether its laminate flooring, solid timber flooring or ceramic tiles, tradesmen are unlikely to remove their boots when the management isn't looking. We have seen improvised protection in the form of brown paper or cardboard, but these are easily removed. They could also cause a Health and Safety issue if the protection slips whilst the tradesman is walking on it.

Replacing a laminate floor may require the skirting to be removed and result in paintwork and plasterwork being damaged. Replacing tiled bathrooms and ensuite floors may require the removal of the bathroom suite that sit on top of the floor, and similarly, if kitchens are built over tiled floors their replacement involves extensive work with multiple trades.

In addition, tiles are made in batches and on limited production runs. If a tile becomes damaged, and a satisfactory replacement can't be found, the whole floor may have to be replaced, and in the current fashion for many of the ground floor rooms to be tiled, this could prove a very costly exercise.

Snagworks floor protection mats are available in 700mm and 1.4m width and 2,5 and 10m lengths.

Stainless Steel Sink Protectors

Steel sinks are easily scratches as the metal is relatively soft in comparison to workmen's tools. In addition, chemicals and paints are poured down the plug hole staining the metal, or plumbers flux can cause staining and rust.

Replacing a sink is a simple task for a plumber, though if any water is spilt in the carcass, this could cause extensive water damage resulting in the carcass having to be replaced, which is a complicated task, that could cause additional damage to other areas.

Our sink protectors are available in bowl, bowl and half bowl, and double bowl and all have drainer protectors. The protectors come in two parts and protect the risk areas. As with all our products, they are made of materials that have good abrasive and wear potential which means they should last for many sinks.

Kitchen Cupboard Door Protectors

Whilst kitchen cupboard doors are easily replaced if damaged (except perhaps dishwasher and other built-in appliance cupboard doors), the inconvenience of reordering new doors and a delivery in several weeks.

Radiator Protectors

Damage to radiators can range from scratches, dents and scuffs on the face and roll edge to crushed edges. Removal and replacement is a relatively easy job for a plumber, though draining the system and removing a radiator from a carpeted house could risk associated damage.

Our radiator protectors are designed to withstand high temperatures and standard plumbers chemicals, and come in a range of standard sizes.

As with all our protectors, they are designed to be used many times.

Porcelain Protectors - Basins, Pans, cisterns

Porcelain bathroom suites are generally damaged from harder items knocking or falling into them, causing metal marks, chips, scuffs and fractures. Removal, and replacement is not difficult, but can be inconvenient, and involve several trades. Removing a toilet from a finished and carpeted house is less than ideal.

Our protectors have been designed to remain in place for the duration of the build, whilst enabling the item to be used. Some protectors come in several parts, and all can be reused many times.


We have outlined some of the products that we have regularly produced for clients. Snagworks can produce protectors for many different factory items in a range of materials, in a range of thicknesses and colours. All our products can be designed to your budget requirements.

​Snagworks Ltd Product Protection Service throughout the North West, Cheshire, Lancashire, North Wales, Yorkshire.....

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​We charge our standard hourly rate for a site visit to design and in the production of templates for the protectors that are required.In most cases we can design and template a set of protectors in a single day that will include, baths, shower trays, basins, toilet pan, cistern, worktop, sink, hob, and radiators. Prices for the products are dependant upon the complexity of the protector and the size.We can produce the protectors in both a basic, mid range and premium.The basic range of worktop protectors should not be used on white Corian and white granite worktops as the basic product can leach oil residues.