Snagworks Repair Chips, Scratches & Dents to Any Surface

Snag & Repair Service 

For our clients that recognise the value of resolving as many of the potential issues prior to their clients taking possession........

None our our competitors offer this comprehensive service. Many of our customers appreciate the value of the service that MINIMISES SNAGGING and ultimately improves CUSTOMER FEEDBACK.

​Customers are demanding ever higher standards when purchasing a new property and are left disappointed when faced with defects or damage after moving in.

Give your customer's what they want. Your customer's realise that damage occurs and being seen to address all the issues prior to handover is a very important consideration when choosing a developer.

It makes commercial sense to ensure that properties are comprehensively snagged and any defect or damage identified and rectified prior to the customer's legal completion. As both ‘builder’ and ‘sparkle’ cleans are priced-in to the overall budget, our  snag and repair  service can be identified as a cost from the outset. Your reputation is on the line with every house you build and addressing the snagging in the budget will allow the finish to be in line with your customer’s expectations. 

An independent company snagging, repairing and reporting on your properties prior to the customer taking possession will greatly increase the customer's confidence in quality of finish of your properties and would reduce the likelihood of significant problems being missed by your site management who may not have the time to spend several hours snagging each property.In an industry where reputation is everything it will raise your customer service above the competition, but also, will save money as many of the snags to the factory items can be resolved by using our snag and repair package rather than organising several tradesmen, not to mention the disruption this causes to the home owner. 

What better safeguard can you offer your customers than an independent company checking the standard and quality of finish against industry guidelines and resolving many of the snags before they take possession.We offer two services.

1.0 Snagworks Ltd Snag and Repair Service

This service is particularly popular with developers. None of our competitors offer this service.

​Where site managers are too busy to comprehensively snag a property, then our snag and repair service is invaluable. Each property can be comprehensively snagged for defects and damage to factory items and then repaired by our experienced technicians. Finishing your property in this way dramatically reduces the time, effort and additional cost associated with rectifying damage and defects once the customer has moved in.

Where we might only achieve 12 repairs a day to items once the customer has seen the damage, we can regularly achieve 40+ repairs when the customer hasn't seen it. The value of using our snag and repair service is obvious.The items that cannot be repaired satisfactorily and damage or defects to items outside of our remit will be identified on a separate report which is produced for the site manager prior to leaving the site.

Some developers decide to counter charge the trades that are responsible for the damage and thereby passing on the cost of our service to the people who have caused the damage.By using this service, there has been many occasions, where no snags on factory items have been reported by the customer.

Snagworks Ltd Snag and Repair Service throughout the North West, Cheshire, Lancashire, North Wales, Yorkshire.....